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Acupuncture uses thin, one-time-use needles to access the meridians that make up the energy system, these meridians are connected to each organ of the body. Much like our digestive system, or circulatory system, this energy system drives everything in our internal environment, when this energy is blocked or deficient these other systems can't perform at their best, and if left untreated, it can lead to health issues. These systems are not stand-alone systems and depend on one another, therefore acupuncture can treat a variety of ailments, at the same time.

  • Would my Massage be Considered In or Out of Network?
    We are In-Network Providers for the following insurance companies: Blue Cross Blue Shield Providence HealthNet BridgeSpan We are Out-of-Network but still accept the following: Aetna PacificSource Moda We do not accept the following: First Choice Health Kaiser Labor and Industry Claims UHC Cigna American Specialty Health ​ We DO NOT accept, MVA or Labor & Industries Claims ​ Please note: As a courtesy to you, we will gladly verify your insurance benefits prior to your initial visit, however, please note it is your responsibility to know your insurance coverage. Benefits quoted are not an assurance of coverage.
  • Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company
    Do I have insurance coverage for massage therapy? Do I need a pre-authorization, referral, or prescription? What is my co-pay and/or co-insurance? Is Massage subject to my deductible? What is my current deductible? How many total visits do I have and is this combined with other therapies (Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy)?
  • What is A Co-Insurance?
    Co-Insurance is a percentage of a medical charge that you pay, with the rest paid by your health insurance plan, after your deductible has been met.
  • What is a Co-Pay
    A Co-Pay is a predetermined rate you pay for health care services at the time of care
  • What is a Deductible
    The deductible is the amount of money you will pay in an claim before the insurance coverage kicks in and starts paying.
Image by Katherine Hanlon
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