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The still point massage team

Kristy B.

General Manager

Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified in Cupping

Kristy has been a part of the Still Point Massage Studio team since 2014 and shares the vision of the Studio to provide custom, individualized care to each client.  Her love of Kinesiology has allowed her to hone her skills to include relaxation, injury prevention and treatment, and sports therapy, all in a spa-like setting.  In 2016, Kristy expanded her technique by becoming a Certified Cupping Specialist, which she uses along with other modalities such as hot stones and doTERRA essential oil aromatherapy.  

Kristy is passionate about Crossfit and has competed in many Crossfit competitions, all while remaining injury-free.  She takes this experiential knowledge and passes it along to her clients to encourage overall wellness and health. 


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