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Motor vehicle accidents are a common occurrence and their effects on the body can be long-lasting.  In 2018 alone, there were over 115,000 accidents in Washington state.  While the journey to re-establishing your health can be a challenging one, Still Point Massage and Wellness Studio is committed to providing the best care to get you back to living your life.  We deal directly with your insurance so you don't have to!  

Massage Therapy for Motor Vehicle Accidents

Medical Massage Therapy after a motor vehicle accident is a well-established treatment to help restore your body and mind.  In fact, research shows that massage therapy offers many benefits to your body including healing from the psychological impacts after a car accident.  Here are a few more ways that massage therapy can help provide relief from the effects of a motor vehicle accident: 

Decreased muscle tension and spasms - Pain from torn muscle fibers after a traumatic event can become chronic if not treated.  Deep Tissue Massage, along with healing doTERRA Essential Oils can be an effective way to stop the cycle of spasms and allow your body to heal.  

Improved Joint Range of Motion - Our bodies are amazing and are made to protect us.  After a car accident our bodies "tighten up" as a defense mechanism.  Activities like turning your head, lifting your arms, and bending can be difficult or impossible.  Massage Therapy decreases muscle tension, allowing for improved Range of Motion.


Promotes Relaxation and Stress ReductionHuman touch is an imperative part of healing and life, in general.  We are made to connect.  Massage Therapy offers a caring touch to promote relaxation, decrease stress, and allow for emotional healing after a traumatic event such as a car accident. 

Promotes Improved Blood Circulation - Myofascial restrictions can decrease blood flow by placing tension on vessels supplying our body.  Medical Massage and specialized techniques to release fascia are a valuable treatment approach to improving healing. 

We Accept all MVA PIP Claims

All motor vehicle claims must be verified by prior to date of service