The Still Point Massage Studio 


Every body is a complex and unique machine made up of systems that work together to maintain and heal itself.  We believe that allowing you to design your massage experience empowers you to

achieve your wellness goals.


With a goal to provide the ultimate individualized massage experience we offer a variety of techniques including: 



Medical Massage

Swedish/Relaxation Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Sports Massage

Therapeutic Massage Treatment

Pregnancy Massage

Infant Massage

Cupping Therapy

Vascular Flushing

We are able to accommodate Couples Massage appointments, but please note massages will not be performed in the same room. 


30 Minute Massage


60 Minute Massage


90 Minute Massage 


120 Minute Massage 


Add On Services:

30 min Add On




Hot and Cold Stone Hydrotherapy

No Charge

Prenatal Massage

No Charge

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