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The still point massage team

In order to give all of our clients the best care possible, we understand that every therapist has their strengths and surpasses another in certain areas of the body.


Every LMT has their "favorite area" of treatment they love massaging and it's their thing. So we strongly encourage the clients to try ALL of our therapists. It allows them more availability with scheduling if they have two three that they like, and it also allows them to know who is best suited for them should they have a headache, versus another therapist that is excellent with shoulder injuries. Finally, our therapists are not territorial. At Still Point we ALL encourage you to try a variety of different therapies for the reasons mentioned above. The client should never feel uncomfortable if the previous client sees them coming or leaving with a different therapist. The client is free to feel relaxed about this and it is important for me that they know that.

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