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Core Values
  • Through our personnel, we shall provide high quality clients service in a responsible, reliable, appropriate, and cost-effective manner.

  • We have a duty to deliver services professionally and competently.

  • We will demonstrate sensitivity and responsiveness to clients’ needs by listening attentively to their comments, ideas and concerns and then responding appropriately to solve problems.

  •  Services will be provided in accordance with the needs of the client.

  •  Employees will accurately document information pertinent to the clients’ account or purchase order.

  • Every client has the right to receive services without discrimination due to race, creed, gender, national origin, disability, age, or other unlawful criteria.

  •  Employees shall promptly report to appropriate levels of management when they have reason to believe a violation of law, regulation, company policy or code has occurred.

  • We will compete in the marketplace on the merit of our services. Marketing to clients and the community will be truthful and accurate.

It is Still Point Massage and Wellness Studio’s policy to make every effort to comply with the letter and spirit of the laws, regulations and professional standards, and we consider any violation thereof to be wrongful. No one associated with the Company has the authority to commit a wrongful act or to direct anyone else to do so. Violations of law, regulations or professional standards that apply to our business will lead to disciplinary action, including dismissal. Our commitment to ethics is a shared responsibility. Because minor issues can develop into larger problems, we require you to voice ethical concerns as soon as they arise. Doing so serves our collective interest.

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