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COVID-19 update

As we try to navigate the COVID-19 Pandemic, there are many new procedures that we all have had to incorporate into our daily life. We are sending out a reminder of our protocols when coming into the studio for your appointments. We thank you for your cooperation as we try to accommodate all our clients while keeping you and our staff safe and healthy


  • Please park your car and give us a call when you have arrived (360) 433-9480. We will need your name, vehicle make/color, and location in the parking lot. We do not have designated parking.
  • Once your therapist is ready for you, they will go to the front door and wave you in (keep a lookout for us). We are trying our best to have one client in the common areas of the studio at a time, so please bear with us if we are running a few minutes behind. If by chance there is another client in our lobby, remember to keep yourself 6’ apart!

Upon entering the studio

  • Face Masks are required in the studio. Please bring one with you. Should you forget, we have disposables available at the door. Please note - You will not be allowed in the lobby without a face mask.
  • Upon entering the studio please, take a seat on the chair at the door. Remove your shoes (you may leave your shoes at the front or take them back with you). You may walk back to the therapy room barefoot, in socks, or we can provide disposable footwear.
  • We will provide you with sanitizer for your hands
  • Your therapist will take your temperature with a "non-contact" thermometer. Anyone with a temperature of 99.8° or above will be denied entrance to the studio, no exceptions.
  • You will be provided a COVID-19 Questionnaire to fill out. This will happen every visit, so please expect it, and fill it out honestly. We cannot say enough that we take any and all unprotected (meaning not being in the protection of medical-grade PPP in a healthcare environment) exposure very seriously. If you have been around other adults, parents, or children (whether yours or someone else's) that have symptoms of Covid-19 or being sick, you will be in violation of our policies.

After your session

  • Go to the front desk and one of our front desk associates will check out your appointment and rebook your next appointment.
  • After this has been done, you may proceed to put your shoes back on and head to your vehicle. Please do not put your shoes on prior to checking out. We are a “Shoe-Free” studio and spend a lot of time maintaining the cleanliness of our floors.
    If you stop by the studio to book an appointment or purchase a Gift Certificate, please follow the above protocol, and call the studio before entering the building. We can accomplish all of this over the phone. In the case of purchasing a Gift Certificate, there are a few options. We can process the purchase over the phone and walk your Gift Certificate out to you in your car or meet you at the door. If you are purchasing over the phone, we can also mail your Gift Certificate to you. We have online purchasing available as well. Your Gift Certificate will be sent to you or your recipient through email. Follow the directions below to do so:
    • Go to our website www.SPMWS.com and choose the “ BOOK NOW” option. This will direct you to sign into your Mindbody account. (If you do not have one, chose the “Create Now” option in the upper right-hand corner of the Mindbody website).
    • Choose the “ ONLINE STORE” tab in the upper right-hand corner.
    • Directly below the tabs you will see and choose “ Gift Cards”.
    • Follow the purchasing directions.

Online Scheduling

Online Scheduling is ONLY available for Medical Massage reservations. We are currently limited with staff and the availability of therapists and are not running at full capacity; therefore, online booking is only available for "medical necessity." If you would like to book an appointment that does not involve billing your medical insurance for reimbursement (FSA/HSA, cash), please call the front desk at (360) 433-9480, and one of our front desk associates will find a reservation for you ASAP. Remember, if you are booking an appointment online for another person (ie. spouse, child, etc.) please do so by “reserving for another person”, NOT by booking the appointment under your profile with your name.

Late Cancellation/No-Show

We have reinstated and are enforcing our “Late Cancellation/No-Show” policy as of August 1st, 2020. However, we have temporarily reduced the required notice from 12 hours to 8 hours (in respect of COVID-19 related issues). If you are unable to make it to your scheduled appointment, please let us know a minimum of 8 hours before your reserved time. If you are unable to do so, the Late Cancellation/No Show fee is $50.00 and will be charged to your card on file. This is NOT negotiable, and we will not contact you before charging your card on file. This is something you have agreed to and signed when filling out your new client intake forms and something that you agree to every time you schedule online. With that being said, please DO NOT show up to your appointment with Covid-19 or Flu-like symptoms (excessive coughing, stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, fever, etc.) to avoid paying the cancellation fee as you will be turned away and we will charge your card on file.
*We are respectfully reducing the cancelation notification, but please keep in mind that we still compensate our therapists for the time reserved whether you Late Cancel or No Show to your reserved time slot. This charge is not for our profit, but to ensure financial stability to your therapist. Please be respectful of our policies and your therapist during these extremely hard times being forced upon small businesses.*


As a courtesy to you, we are willing to call and ensure that your medical insurance plan covers the type of massage modalities and "Manual Therapy" that we provide. HOWEVER, we do not have the time or resources to explain the definitions of your benefits and coverage in detail or to explain medical definitions regarding your plan. It is entirely your responsibility to know your coverage and benefit details, including but not limited to; Deductibles, Coinsurance, Copay, the necessity of referral or prescription (and/or knowing the difference between the two) or what it means to have an Out of Pocket Maximum. There are hundreds of plans available with many insurance companies. We are very happy to call your insurance company PRIOR to your appointment time to validate the information needed to ensure that your coverage is going to be applicable. If you need explanations 'post-therapy" regarding your EOB (Estimation of Benefits) or EOR (Estimation of Reimbursement) please call your insurance company prior to calling the studio to make sure that the issue at hand is not lack of knowledge on your part. This information is your responsibility to incur and can be found by either calling the customer service number on your insurance card or visiting an online portal. Additionally, all questions regarding billing charges paid by your insurance company need to be addressed with them. We are more than happy to address any questions that you have regarding this AFTER calling your insurance company. Should you contact our front desk associates prior to calling your insurance company with these types of questions we will refer you to call them first. Please know that we are considered a "Rehabilitation Office" to your insurance company. What this means is that if you would like your medical insurance company to reimburse Still Point for your Medical Massage Therapy appointment, then you need to follow our strict protocols regarding Medical Massage appointments.

There will be a Pre and Post Assessment which will include an evaluation of current symptoms, range of motion, muscle testing when applicable, postural assessment, and a re-evaluation of afflicted areas after your medical massage appointment. These assessments allow our therapists to track your progress in healing your areas of pain, injury, and discomfort as well as create a treatment plan. It is also a requirement of your insurance company to ensure that you are receiving the highest level of care, therapy, and progress through your treatment.

Remember, if there are ANY CHANGES to your medical insurance, we need to know this PRIOR to your scheduled appointment. This includes but not limited to; change in coverage, if you have an open MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident), or all L&I claims. This is a huge factor in the processing of your claims. Should you be involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident that has an open claim for injury, or an open worker's compensation case with your employer, it is illegal for us to bill your medical health insurance company for our services that would be reimbursed by your Automobile Insurance coverage or your Labor and Industries coverage. Please note, any lack of communication about these situations will result in your financial liability to your treatment date. We will be applying the medical massage reservation rate that would have been applied in financial reimbursement from your insurance company, not our discounted cash rate.

All Medical Massage appointments need to have a current Referral or Prescription on file. Please DO NOT book an appointment until after we have received this from your physician. As Massage Therapists, we are not legally in our scope of a license to diagnose a patient with any sort of disorder or condition that will allow a patient to ask for reimbursement from their insurance company. Even if the insurance company says that they do not require it, at Still Point we do not feel comfortable providing treatment without a prescribing diagnosis. A referral is from a PCP (Primary Care Provider) and a Prescription is from anyone with a medical degree. If your insurance company requires a referral or if you are obtaining a prescription per our policy, it is the patient's responsibility to obtain it. If you are having trouble obtaining it, then our referral coordinator would be happy to assist you. You may contact Crystal at CSanchez@SPMWS.com. Referral’s and Prescriptions should be faxed to 360-314-4268. We will no longer see any medical patients without a current referral or prescription on file.

Please be patient with us, again, we are taking the time to make certain the eligibility of your coverage prior to you coming into the studio ensuring that you are not paying more out of pocket than necessary to be seen by our therapists. We do this as a courtesy to you and is very time consuming for us. Knowing your medical benefits, deductible amounts, and copay or coinsurance is your responsibility. We appreciate your understanding of this and the respect of our policies and procedures as we have everybody's best interest at heart.

FSA/HSA Appointment Payment

If you are booking an appointment to be paid for with an FSA/HSA card, DO NOT book a Medical Massage. In this case, we are not billing your medical insurance. Rather, you are paying for your service using your Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account debit card. Please book these appointments as 60 Minute Massage or 90 Minute Massage. Furthermore, we DO NOT store FSA/HSA cards on file. You will need to have a debit or credit card on file and bring your FSA/HSA card with you to EVERY visit if you would like to use it for payment of your treatment. We are unable to use your FSA/HSA card for Gratuity or to Charge the 50.00 Late Cancel/ No Show Fee for our therapists if you do not cancel a minimum of 8 hours prior to your appointment time.

If you have balances owed on your account due to your deductible not being met or nonpayment by your insurance company, please expect to receive an invoices for this amount. Invoices will be received by mail. Our collections policy is as follows: An Invoice is deemed past due if a payment is not received by the patient within 30 (thirty) days of the Invoice date. Past Due Invoice – 1st Collection Attempt (30 days no payment). Past Due Invoice – 2nd Collection Attempt (60 days no payment/30 days overdue). Past Due Invoice – 3rd Collection Attempt (90 days no payment/60 days overdue). Past Due Invoice – Final Collection Attempt (120 days no payment/90 days overdue). After 150 days of no payment, the balance owed will be sent to a collection agency. If you need to set up a payment plan for past due invoices, please contact Crystal at CSanchez@SPMWS.com.

We want each one of you to know how much you are appreciated by all of us at Still Point Massage and Wellness Studio. We are incredibly lucky to have such wonderful clients. While we know that our methods and policies are very unconventional for a massage studio, we want you ALL to know that we strive to be a completely different entity than the rest when it comes to Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Therapy. With that being said, we will ALWAYS offer Hot/Cold Stones, Essential Oils, Hydrotherapy, and a "Spa Like" environment to ALL our patients at No Extra Charge no matter what type of appointment reserved.


As proud as we are for striving to achieve treatment techniques, along with the continuing education and knowledge for our therapists that no other studio has been able to achieve before, we do not feel that our patients should have to choose between the amenities of a luxury spa atmosphere and shared amenities to receive the highest level of Medical Treatment using Manual Therapy that only we provide. Please do not hesitate to email or call us with any questions and concerns that you may have. We welcome all constructive criticism and complemental feedback with open arms!!

Gratefully here to serve you,
Still Point Founder Shawna Triplett and the Still Point Family

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